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El Laboratorio de Bioprocesos que forma parte del Centro Basal de Excelencia IMPACT de la Universidad de los Andes, busca incorporar a un/a asistente de investigación, jornada completa para trabajar en el área de desarrollo de procesos vinculados a terapias biológicas.

Perfil investigador/a: Ingeniero/a Biotecnología, Bioquímico, Biotecnólogo, Biólogo, o carrera afín con énfasis en Bioprocesos y con al menos 2-3 años de experiencia laboral demostrable. Es indispensable experiencia en técnicas cultivo celular (primarios y/o líneas celulares) y algunas de biología molecular. Deseables conocimientos de buenas prácticas de laboratorio y manufactura (GLP,GMP). Se requiere una persona con motivación, entusiasmo y proactividad para el trabajo científico. Las habilidades que deben tener el o la candidata incluyen independencia en el diseño experimental y ejecución de estos, al tiempo que se requiere de habilidades sociales para trabajar en un grupo multidisciplinar de científicos.

Sueldo acorde al cargo y experiencia. Se requiere disponibilidad inmediata.

Lugar: IMPACT- Centro de Investigaciones Biomédicas-CIIB, Universidad de los Andes. Avenida Plaza 2501, Las Condes.

Interesados/as deben enviar CV, contacto para recomendación (2-3), pretensiones de sueldo y disponibilidad a jcuenca@uandes.cl

Interventional Medicine for Precision and Advanced Cellular Therapy (IMPACT) is a center of excellence dotted with joint public and private funding. IMPACT is a translational and clinical research center that aims to bridge the gap between scientific research and clinical practice in Chile through the development of advanced therapies.

The Center’s clinical areas cover immunological, osteoarticular, neurological, cancer and pregnancy-associated pathologies. We are looking for new member to join our team and help us to accomplish our vision in making advanced medicine more accessible.  The first challenge would be to develop frontier research in translational Immuno-Oncotherapy, cell therapy product development, clinical-grade production system, and pre-clinical studies documentation.

What Does This Role Involve?

  • Independently conducts cancer immunology and drug discovery research experiments using techniques in immunology, molecular and cellular biology
  • Assesses and reports data with little guidance in a clear and concise manner with a strong understanding of its implications within the overall context of cll therapy concept
  • Maintains a well-developed understanding of approaches to investigate the function of lymphoid cells and aspects of drug discovery
  • Is an active member of the team liaising between programs/research lines and sharing scientific knowledge and feedback on other’s experiments to ensure the efficient relay of information and translation of data
  • Ensures own work and work of peers is compliant with Good Laboratory Practice, Safety, Health and Environment standards and all other relevant internal IMPACT center standards
  • May be asked to lead or co-lead a project team and contribute to  grant and patent filing  as well as for scientific publication goals

Your skills and talent:

  • Identified “life purpose” or “raison d’être” in relation to your talents, passions, and profession, as well as what you can contribute to the society.
  • PHD or Postdoctoral experience research on immunotherapy.
  • Experience in lymphocyte culture, more than 3 years.
  • Experience in gene transduction, more than 2 years.
  • Knowledge in the elaboration of SOPs.
  • A notion of GMP manufacturing would be considered a plus.

You don’t need to wait for permission to succeed. The question isn’t who is going to let you, it’s who is going to stop you. Maybe it all starts with an “IMPACT” job.

Send CV and income expectations to impact.info@uandes.cl

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